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                                        Island Women Monthly Meetings
Join us 30 minutes prior to start time at the Membership Meeting for  some socializing.

Membership Mtg                    Board Mtg                                  Social
Wednesday                                    Tuesday                            Thursday

January  4th   8:30AM                    January   10th                        January   26th

February Ist   6:30PM                    February   21st                        February   23rd

March    1st   8:30AM                    March   21st                            March   30th

April      5th   6:30PM                     April   18th                              April   27th

May      3rd   8:30AM                     May   16th                              May   25th

June     7th   6:30PM                     June   20th                              June   29th

July      5th   8:30AM                     July   18th                               July   27th

August  2nd  6:30PM                     August   15th                           August   31st

September  6th  8:30AM                September   19th                      September   28th

October      4th  6:30PM                October   17th                           October   26th

November  1st   8:30AM                November   28th                        November   30th

December  6th   6:30PM                December   19th                        December   13th

Morning Meetings are held at the American Legion in Carolina Beach ~1500 Dow Rd
Evening Meetings are held at the Courtyard Marriott in Carolina Beach
Who Can Join Island Women?
Island Women is open to all local women, interested in the improvement and betterment of Pleasure Island.
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Island Women is a community action organization of women interested in improving the amenities that Pleasure Island has to offer.  As a diverse group of local women with many talents and resources at hand,our objective is to improve the quality of life on Pleasure Island for our residents and guests.