Do you want to add fun to your celebration of birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, graduations, births, weddings, or other special occasions? Picture a flock of fifty bright and cheerful pink flamingoes in the yard of your family member or friend who is celebrating. In addition, the flock is headed by a specially-decorated flamingo, to reflect the nature of the celebration. 

The results: a surprise, many smiles, and this benefits Island Women and the Pleasure Island community.  

Please call us at 978 979.9402 or  leave a message, we will get back to you shortly, or you send a message in the Contact Us box. 

Once we have your information, Flocks will be placed at the location on the day (if available) that you specify. There will also be a personalized sign created for your special occasion.​

Donation: $50.00
   4th of July Flock                                     It's A boy Flock                                     It's A Girl Flock                                   Beach Bird Flock
Bride and Groom Flock                              Holiday Bird Flock                                Duck Dynasty Flock                             Get Well Soon Flock
      Graduation Flock                                 Black Birthday Flock                       Multi-color Hat Birthday Flock                 Pink Hat Birthday Flock
       Easter Flock                                       Mothers Day Flock                               Thanksgiving Flock                             St Patrick's Day Flock